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Paint and Coatings Removal Edinburgh & Fife

Coatings removed from ANY surface

As our core business, we have extensive experience removing all types of paint from virtually every surface in every scenario.

Whether it is removing paint internally from a fireplace or from brickwork; externally from sandstone or concrete; or from sensitive surface surfaces on planes, boats and classic cars - we can help.

Most commonly we combine Eco-Friendly paint softeners with our DOFF 'superheated' water system, this we have found will remove the majority of modern coatings without damaging the substrate.

We also have various Air-Abrasive systems at our disposal which enable us to tackle the most senstive of surfaces - gone are the days of aggresive sandblasting. Our advanced equipment enables us to use the softest available abrasives, such as Bicarbonate of Soda and dolomite, all the way upto industrial shot blasting abrasives for heavier applications. 

What if my building is painted with Limewash?

Particularly in Edinburgh City Center and in rural communitys, buildings will be coated in a thick limewash. Whilst this is a fantastic coating (and the only coating we should be using on stonework), if it is not maintained regularly it degrades quickly. Having developed a very successful methodology for removing limewash you can be sure we'll have your building back to its best in no time. 


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